This is Mexico
Adjacent Mines of Guanajuato
Meet the mines that guard the mining past of this city: San Cayetano, San Ramon, Mina and Stripes, El Nopal and La Valenciana, richest and most productive mine in the state.
Chipitin Waterfalls, Monterrey
If you like extreme adventure this is the place you should go, from beginners to the more experienced can enjoy multiple rappels.
Museum of Cocoa, Merida
This space not only learn the history and significance of cacao and its symbolism in Mayan ceremonies, but also enjoy a nice drink at the end.
Comitan, Chiapas
Did you know that Comitan is the starting point for the natural wonders of the state? Close by you can visit the Lagunas de Montebello and Casacadas El Chiflon.