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Zone of Silence, Durango, Chihuahua y Coahuila
Enigmatic place that owes its name to countless myths that have arisen around the area, characterized by the concentration of fragments of meteorites, endemic and unique in the world reptiles.
El Chico National Park, Mineral del Chico
It is a ideal destination to relax with family, because the area has camping area surrounded by woods and rocks; moreover, you can perform activities such as abseiling, climbing, cycling and hiking.
La Chaya Maya,
If yours is the Yucatecan cuisine, this place will be one of your favorites, as they serve traditional delights as panuchos, roasted suckling pig, vaporicitos, fish pies tikin xic and dogfish, you can certainly try!
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Chignahuapan, Puebla
Choose a colorful artwork for this season in the capital of Christmas spheres, Chignahuapan. There are more than 200 factories and workshops working all year for processing.