Suggested Hotels in Salamanca 1

Raldos Inn, Salamanca
Raldos Inn 33 rooms Only 1 block from the PEMEX offices. Salamanca, Gto. Salamanca, Gto.
3.5 4 reviews

All Hotels in Salamanca 11

Aliana, Salamanca
Aliana Suites 15 minutes from downtown Salamanca, Gto.
Holiday Inn, Salamanca
Holiday Inn in the exit of Irapuato, 5 minutes from Downtown Salamanca, Gto.
City Express Salamanca
City Express Salamanca opposite the Ford agency Salamanca, Gto.
México Inn, Salamanca
México Inn within the Galerias Salamanca Shopping Center Salamanca, Gto.
One Oriente, Salamanca
One Oriente Business Class In Plaza Altea Mall, in front of Mazdaa Salamanca, Gto.
Trevi, Salamanca
Trevi downtown Area Downtown Salamanca, Gto.
El Monte, Salamanca
El Monte in front of the main garden Area Downtown Salamanca, Gto.
Suites Ejecutivo, Salamanca
Suites Ejecutivo 1 block from main market Area Downtown Salamanca, Gto.
Obregón, Salamanca
Obregón 2 blocks from downtown Area Downtown Salamanca, Gto.
Del Bajío, Salamanca
Del Bajío downtown Area Downtown Salamanca, Gto.