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Zamora, Michoacán
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Suggested Hotels in Zamora (2)
Jerico, Zamora
Jerico 4ESTRELLAS Premium 172 rooms At the north of Zamora city, 8 minutes from Downtown Zamora, Michoacán
Fénix, Zamora
Fénix 4ESTRELLAS 155 rooms In the heart of the city, in the main shopping area. Zamora, Michoacán
Complete List of Hotels in Zamora (9)
Ana Isabel 2ESTRELLAS 22 rooms Vicente Guerrero No. 108 Pte. Zamora, Michoacán
from $27 usd  
Eco Hotel 3ESTRELLAS 50 rooms Virrey de Mendoza No. 69 Zamora, Michoacán
  Fénix 4ESTRELLAS 155 rooms Madero Sur No. 401 Zamora, Michoacán
from $69 usd  
  Jerico 4ESTRELLAS Premium 172 rooms Carr. Zamora - La Barca km 2 Zamora, Michoacán
from $115 usd  
La Arcada 3ESTRELLAS 20 rooms Prolongación 5 de Mayo No. 464 Zamora, Michoacán
from $48 usd  
Mesón Del Valle 4ESTRELLAS 74 rooms Calz. Zamora - Jacona No. 515 Zamora, Michoacán
from $69 usd With Breakfast
Posada Fénix 2ESTRELLAS 21 rooms Corregidora No. 54 Zamora, Michoacán
from $25 usd  
3ESTRELLAS 40 rooms Amado Nervo Pte. No. 40 Zamora, Michoacán
Pleasure and business 21 rooms Damaso Cárdenas No. 702 Zamora, Michoacán