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Suggested Hotels in Nogales (3)
Marqués De Cima, Nogales
Marqués De Cima 3ESTRELLAS 84 rooms In the new Nogales commercial zone. 5 minutes from the U.S.A Consulate. Nogales, Sonora
Fray Marcos De Niza, Nogales
Fray Marcos De Niza 4ESTRELLAS 91 rooms In the center of the city, just steps away from the U.S. border. Nogales, Sonora
Fiesta Inn Nogales
Fiesta Inn Nogales 4ESTRELLAS 107 rooms Inside Nuevo Nogales Industrial Park. Nogales, Sonora
Complete List of Hotels in Nogales (15)
4ESTRELLAS 72 rooms Ruiz Cortines No. 2001 Nogales, Sonora
City Express Nogales 4ESTRELLAS 109 rooms Prolongación Álvaro Obregón No. 4200 Nogales, Sonora
from $64 usd With Breakfast
Colonial De Nogales 3ESTRELLAS 46 rooms Ruiz Cortines No. 149 Nogales, Sonora
Estrella Dorada 3ESTRELLAS 65 rooms Carr. Internacional km 11.5 Nogales, Sonora
from $42 usd  
  Fiesta Inn Nogales 4ESTRELLAS 107 rooms Calz. Industrial Nuevo Nogales No. 3 Nogales, Sonora
from $88 usd  
  Fray Marcos De Niza 4ESTRELLAS 91 rooms Campillo No. 91 Nogales, Sonora
from $52 usd up to 4 people
Hacienda Del Real 4ESTRELLAS 52 rooms Av. Industrial No. 26 Nogales, Sonora
from $56 usd  
  Marqués De Cima 3ESTRELLAS 84 rooms Av. A. Obregón Km. 4.5 No. 2024 Nogales, Sonora
from $58 $49 usd  
Mi Hotelito 2ESTRELLAS 30 rooms Blvd. del Ensueño No. 75 Nogales, Sonora
from $46 usd  
Pasaje 2ESTRELLAS 24 rooms Av. Obregón No. 16 Nogales, Sonora
from $27 usd  
Plaza Nogales 4ESTRELLAS 120 rooms Álvaro Obregón No. 4190 Nogales, Sonora
Regis 2ESTRELLAS 20 rooms Av. Juárez No. 34 Nogales, Sonora
San Carlos 3ESTRELLAS 57 rooms Av. Juárez No. 22 Nogales, Sonora
San Luis Motel 3ESTRELLAS 45 rooms González No. 138 Nogales, Sonora
from $37 usd  
Viña De Oro Motel 3ESTRELLAS 26 rooms J. A. Solis Mendoza No. 42 Nogales, Sonora
from $38 usd