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End of April to Mid June
With more than 70 years of tradition, the most important fair in the north of the country, a ...

Mid May to Early June
The event takes place only on weekends. Enjoy the famous Queretaro wines and cheeses, you wi ...

Early June
More than 250 cars, motorcycles, trucks, all-terrain vehicles and compete in 500 kilometers. ...

Early May
Every year in the capital of Guanajuato, a meeting of specialty beer producers takes place; ...

San Luis Potosí
Early June
Tastings and Conferences given of noted personalities national and international wine. ...

10 Jun 2022
14 Aug 2022
During the rainy season of June, July and August a fascinating natural phenomenon happens, t ...

Beginning of June
The IFCG is the most important film meeting in Latin America, one of the most important show ...

60 days after Holy Thursday
Light show, where 300 dancers recreate the foundation of indigenous Totonac lordship of the ...

San Juan Del Río
Mid June
Like every year, it offers a great artistic billboard program, as well as the typical cockfi ...

San Miguel de Allende
First Sunday after June 13
Parade carried out by the people of the neighborhoods of ...

Los Cabos
Date to be Confirmed Midle June
If you are a professional surfer, you can not miss the main Surf and Music Festival that tak ...

San Blas
Late June
Attend the most famous fishing tournament that will have its headquarters in the Marina Fona ...

San Luis Potosí
Late June
More than 3,000 spectators, approximately 7,000 runners from 12 countries and 1,500 voluntee ...

Valle de Guadalupe
Event Postponed Midle June
Attend this international cyclist event that runs 68 km through the most important winemakin ...

Mid July
Live this summer party, in a totally familiar, fun and safe environment. Rosarito is ready t ...