Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Take Highway 175 Oaxaca - Puerto Angel and only 15 km (9 miles) southeast of the city of Oaxaca is this town.

About San Bartolo Coyotepec

¿You place yourself the famous Oaxacan black clay? For this it is one of the main towns in developing crafts as famous material. When you reach it, you find many little shops with impressive pots, jars, vases, platters and more of black mud. In some stores they will leave you even go to the shop and there is also a Craft Plaza.
You can not leave without buying San Bartolo at least one piece.


Museum Hours: 10 to18 hrs. Closed Monday

Adult $ 1 usd
Child $ 0.5 usd
Under 12 years old, Free Admission