San Miguel Regla ( Huasca de Ocampo )

Complete guide of San Miguel Regla ( Huasca de Ocampo ), Hidalgo, Mexico

Surrounded by mountains, a forest, a hacienda and a spectacular rock formation, this Magical Town is an excellent starting point to discover tourist places such as: the Hacienda Santa Maria Rule, which with its medieval castle architecture will take you on a journey through the past, the Basaltic Prisms, a true work of art of nature and the very original Goblins Museum, where you will know real stories of these fantastic beings. Come enjoy a quiet weekend in a place that maintains the characteristics that gave it the silverware boom, fish your dinner and who knows, you could even spend the night in a Hotel full of elves.
Hacienda Santa Maria Rule
Hacienda Santa Maria Rule   |   San Miguel Regla ( Huasca de Ocampo )

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