Barrancas del Cobre / Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua

About Copper Canyon

In the Sierra Tarahumara are found these canyons, also known as Copper Canyon, whose major canyons are: Batopilas, Candameña, Chínipas, Hillocks, Sinforosa and Urique, but no more.
One of the most common ways of knowing is through the path of the Chihuahua Pacific train, known as El Chepe, although are also accessible from Chihuahua by car on rural roads.

How to get:

The Chepe

Departure from Los Mochis or Chihuahua at 6:00 hrs.
Tel: (614) 439-7211
[email protected]

Apart from Chepe you can reach the Copper Canyon in the line of Tourist Buses Noroeste, which leave from Chihuahua and cross the Sierra through the towns of Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, La Junta, San Pedro, San Juanito, Bocoyna, Creel, Canyon copper, San Rafael, Entronque Cuiteco, Bahuichivo, Témoris, Palmarejo and Chínipas.

Daily departures from the 7:00 hrs.
Ticket Sales in Teofilo Bonfil corner with 13TH Street, Col. Centro, Chihuahua
Tel: (614) 411-5783
[email protected]