Complete guide of Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Bathed by the Grijalva river and surrounded by jungle-tropical vegetation, it was the site of the Olmeda culture settlement, where you can visit La Venta Museum and Park and admire the sculptures of giant heads carved from stone blocks.

Among its tourist places you will find a wide variety of places to visit ranging from natural areas such as the Centla Marshes or the Coconá Caves, archaeological areas such as La Venta and Comalcalco, the museums where you will learn the History of Tabasco up to Chocotour where You will see the process of making chocolate, itself and a Chocolate Festival!

Dare to try the pejelagarto in one of its excellent restaurants or enjoy some chipilín tamalitos or some chanchamitos. Among vegetation, rivers, lagoons, Olmec remains and the delicious aroma of Villahermosa cocoa and all its Hotels await you to give you an unforgettable vacation.
La Venta Museum and Park
La Venta Museum and Park   |   Villahermosa

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