In Morelia, “City of the pink quarry”, you will find architectural wonders throughout its Historic Downtown with its more than 200 historic buildings and 15 squares, most of them built with pink rock; walk and tour its Aqueduct, one of the most beautiful in the country where 253 arches are preserved. If it is about romance, you can visit the Romance Alley with your partner.

If you are a fan of museums, visit the Michoacan Regional Museum or the Cuauhtémoc Forest where the Natural History and Contemporary Art Museums are located. Two attractive sweets in Morelia are the Gazpachos and of course the Calle Real Candy Store and The Museum of Sweets where you will find morelianas, ates, crystallized fruits, milk candies, chongos zamorano and more.

For you to eat well, Morelia offers you a wide variety of restaurants where you can savor: a delicious Tarascan soup, corundas, Morelian enchiladas or some Michoacán-style carnitas. If you like movies, schedule your trip for October and participate in the Festival Internacional de Cine. Its wide Hotel offer has something for all tastes and budgets.

Historic Center of Morelia
Historic Center of Morelia   |   Morelia

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