Where to go at Tijuana

The Tourist Guide of Tijuana

The "World's Most Crossed Beer Friendly Border" takes advantage of the enormous variety of cultures that meet there and mixes them, resulting in a vibrant city with an artistic and cultural boom that you can feel walking through its main streets full of urban art, galleries and art cafes; its nightlife offers a true experience to its visitors.

There are those who say that the most interesting thing about Tijuana is its gastronomic proposal, which ranges from exquisite tacos to the most avant-garde signature cuisine. Whether with its Beaches, its Cultural Centers or its Festivals, Tijuana will not stop surprising you.

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Malecon of Beaches
Malecon of Beaches   |   Tijuana

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Canyoning in Tijuana

It is an adventure sport that combines trekking, rappelling and climbing; through walls or climbing mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

Certified Operators for Canyoning in Tijuana

Mountain Bike in Tijuana

Browse trails and roads in the countryside, forests or mountains and enjoy the scenery and the natural environment around you.

Certified Operators for Mountain Bike in Tijuana

Rapel in Tijuana

Take the challenge of vertical and technology dominates the decrease in insurance flown stones leaning on ropes and harnesses.

Certified Operators for Rapel in Tijuana

Expeditions in Tijuana

Explore and interact with nature, get to know and spread the conservation of natural and cultural resources of Mexico.

Certified Operators for Expeditions in Tijuana
Cucapah Experiencias en Baja
cucapah.com +52 664-250-8421

Kayaking in Tijuana

Browse in rivers and seas! The Kayak is down whitewater rivers individually using the technique of paleo.

Certified Operators for Kayaking in Tijuana

Tours in Tijuana

Tours are the most tourist places in Mexico. Check the list of experts who will take you to see the wonders of our country.

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Cucapah Experiencias en Baja
cucapah.com +52 664-250-8421

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