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Pachuca is a city that belongs to the state of Hidalgo. Visit its tourist places starting with its Monumental Clock, one of the most representative symbols of the city. If you like soccer, visit the Hall of Fame where players, coaches and directors are recognized who They have excelled in this sport and the Soccer World which has 4 themed rooms where you will find more than 50 interactive exhibits, you will also be able to admire more than 250 species of animals in their natural habitat in the Tuzoofari. If you are interested in culture, visit the Photography Museum, the Mining Museum and the El Rehilete Interactive Museum. Book your Hotel with the best prices in Pachuca and attend the International Jazz Festival or the International Festival of Images and Ideas. Eat rich in the best restaurants in Pachuca enjoying a delicious barbecue or a mixiote and without hesitation try a delicious sweet or savory paste.

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