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The Tourist Guide of Ensenada

Known as the Cinderella of the Pacific, Ensenada is located in the beautiful bay of Todos los Santos and is the main port of Baja California. This fantastic destination offers a wide variety of modern and luxurious hotels, as well as a large number of tourist attractions, among which the famous Guadalupe Island stands out, a unique place in the world where you can see the white shark. It should be mentioned that its gastronomy specializes in fish and seafood tacos, which you can try in one of its restaurants. It should not be forgotten that Ensenada is part of the Wine Route, where 80% of Mexican wine is produced.
Isla Guadalupe
Isla Guadalupe   |   Ensenada

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Canyoning in Ensenada

It is an adventure sport that combines trekking, rappelling and climbing; through walls or climbing mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

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Rapel in Ensenada

Take the challenge of vertical and technology dominates the decrease in insurance flown stones leaning on ropes and harnesses.

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Expeditions in Ensenada

Explore and interact with nature, get to know and spread the conservation of natural and cultural resources of Mexico.

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Kayaking in Ensenada

Browse in rivers and seas! The Kayak is down whitewater rivers individually using the technique of paleo.

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Tours in Ensenada

Tours are the most tourist places in Mexico. Check the list of experts who will take you to see the wonders of our country.

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