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During 2020

05 Jun
23 Aug
During the rainy season of June, July and August a fascinating natural phenomenon happens, t ...

16 Jul
02 Aug
Attend this grand event where countless activities await you, including seeing your favorite ...

17 Jul
09 Aug
Amazing shows, exhibitions and great artists of international stature, is what awaits you in ...

24 Jul
02 Aug
Enjoy the creativity of new Mexican talents. Over the past fifteen years, GIFF has establish ...

End of July to Mid August
For 27 years, Ensenada has paid homage to the grape harvest season in the valleys of Baja Ca ...

26 Jul
02 Aug
Joy and colorful spectacle which represents the folklore and culture of a large number of co ...

Lagos de Moreno
Mid July to Mid August
Like every year gathering families, the traditional August holidays in Lagos de Moreno, Jali ...

Late July Early August
The fair of August are the biggest celebrations of the comitecos, in honor of its patron San ...

Ciudad de México
1st. August Weekend
Event which will bring together artisans from around the world to promote the richness of th ...

San Luis Potosí
All the month of August
La Fenapo is one of the most traditional fairs in Mexico. Attend the best cultural and sport ...

From 1st. Weekend to 3rd. Weekend of August
Enjoy the creation of the most beautiful works of art with flowers, sawdust and colorful san ...

San Miguel de Allende
All the month of August
Enjoy the biggest chamber music festival, with more than 100 groups and soloists from other ...

Parras de la Fuente
1st and 2nd weekend of August
The grape harvest festivals are organized by Casa Madero, are tinted animatedly with campfir ...

Ezequiel Montes
1st weekend of August
Experience the wine festival of Queretaro and participates in the grape stomping, tours of t ...

During the 1st week or 2nd. Week of August
Paracho, celebrates like every year, its maximum symbol of expression, the guitar, in the Na ...

2nd. August Weekend
It is a musical artistic event of 3 days, in the Beaches of Rosarito Baja California, where ...

Real de Catorce
2nd. End August Week
Celebrate in Real de Catorce the Jazz Fest, an event where the best exponents of this genre ...

2nd weekend of August
Attend this event where reggaetón, hip hop, funk and other urban rhythms meet in the Railroa ...

2nd. August week
Attend the Apple Fair in Zacatlán. You will enjoy wines, ciders, soft drinks, sauces, parade ...

Last Week of August
The International Film Festival of Monterrey is a citizen initiative that was born in 2005 w ...

1st. August fortnight
With cultural and artistic events of international quality. ...

August or September
Every year, Guadalajara celebrates the largest mariachi festival in the world; begins with a ...

Ciudad de México
4to. Sunday of August
Event which involved over 20 thousand people in different areas and categories of the marath ...

End of October to End of September
It is the most traditional event in the Lagunera Region and will feature renowned artists, a ...

Last Weekend of August
As it is tradition, since 1836 this parade is carried out on the main streets of the Histori ...

Last weekend of August
Will feature more than 100 renowned artists from the region of international career ...

During the months of September to December
Mazatlan is distinguished by the participation of national and international artists in musi ...

Last weekend August
Witness this triple emotion: the AsTri Veracruz, the largest Triathlon in Latin America. The ...