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About Carnaval Veracruz

The largest carnival in Mexico floods the streets with color in a musical and festive atmosphere, with parades, floats, dances, batoneras, batucadas and lots of dancing. In addition to having the participation of renowned artists in the festivities.

The main events of the carnival are:
• 1st day - Burning of Bad Humor in the Zócalo
• 2nd. day - Children's Coronation and the Coronation of the Royal Court, in the Macroplaza del Malecón
• 3rd to 6th day - The traditional Paseo (parades on Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho) and the Nautical Parade (generally it is before the first ride)
• 7th day - Burial of Juan Carnaval

Remember to plan your trip to Veracruz to enjoy The Most Joyful Carnival in the World!