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During 2022

Mid January to early February
The most popular party this year has prepared a special program in the arena and theater. Ad ...

Late January to Mid February
The rarest carnival in the world, where hundreds of people and children are covered in flour ...

Last week of January and 1st Week of February
The so-called hippie chic town will be festive for four days, with music, movies, food and t ...

End of January to beginning of February
Centennial Celebration where you ride to the Virgin of Candelaria in the Papaloapan River to ...

Ciudad de México
February (Candlemas Day)
This tradition has lasted more than 430 years in Xochimilco. Thousands of faithful come ever ...

End of February
The capital of lights dress style Las Vegas with a colorful parade with traditional troupes, ...

Ciudad de México
09 Feb
13 Feb
It is considered one of the most important contemporary art fair in Latin America, with the ...

End of February
Centennial tradition among the inhabitants of the port and among the many visitors who come ...

End of February
One of the oldest and most famous carnivals in Mexico and that has its own expressions and c ...

End of February
The main attraction of this festival is the traditional hop dancing chinelo, Sunday begins w ...

Mid February
It is a music festival that brings indie artists from around the world. In one scenario brin ...

End of February
The traditional festival of tlaxcaltecas is characterized by the implementation of different ...

Ciudad de México
Late February to Early March
It will feature around 600 publishing houses and media professionals who will share the late ...

End of February
Tradition that turns Cozumel into days of intense fun, joy and fantasy, all framed by the ma ...

End of February
The Carnival of Mérida is of great call in the region, because it is a festival that traces ...

End of February
It is one of the most famous Carnavals in the world with floats, music and beauty queens pa ...

Isla Mujeres
End of February
The islanders prepare the comparsas for a party full of color, music and joy for 5 days; the ...

Mid February
The Feast of the Kites is an event for the whole family which aims to resume this activity o ...

San Francisco ( San Pancho )
25 Feb
27 Feb
Today one of the most popular musical events in the region. Expression of vibrant music that ...

End of February
The oldest carnival celebrates 90 years and has prepared a very special show with colorful p ...

End of February to early March
Live the experience of one of the most important marathons Mexico. ...

Ezequiel Montes
End of February
The 100 Mexican Wines Festival is one of the most important wine events nationwide. It will ...