In the Sierra Tarahumara are found these canyons, also known as Copper Canyon, whose major canyons are: ... more >>

Located in the middle of the Divisadero del Chepe station, this natural park has the ideal environment ... more >>

It is one of the most famous tourist spots of the Sierra Tarahumara by the variety of viewpoints which ... more >>

Although with 1750 meters is not the deepest canyon, is considered one of the most beautiful because fr ... more >>

With 2,545 meters in length, it is the longest zip line in the world and the one that will test your br ... more >>

This museum displays objects that the inhabitants of the three Mennonite colonies have donated along wi ... more >>

It is one of the few trains in Mexico performing tours since 1961 offers the best option to visit the a ... more >>

In the ejido San Ignacio Arareko is this eighteenth-century Jesuit mission. The village is home to the ... more >>

With a rich variety of crafts in the region ranging from basketry, pottery, textiles, wood, leather and ... more >>

Has a jump of 246 meters in free fall and is best seen during the months of June through August. You ca ... more >>

Along the Tarahumara Arareko ejido San Ignacio, you will find this crystal clear lake. Surrounded by co ... more >>

A 20 kilometers of Creel in the municipality of Urique, are these hot springs that keep the rich temper ... more >>

Place huge gigantic rock formations are whimsically arranged along the High Sierra Tarahumara, which fo ... more >>

Beautiful waterfall of 30 meters fall in the river Cusárare cataract type. You will have panoramic carm ... more >>

It is the largest waterfall in Mexico, with a free fall of 453 meters. You can practice rappelling and ... more >>

With 1800 meters deep in this canyon are inhabiting some of the more traditional Raramuri communities. ... more >>

It is the deeper of the Sierra de Chihuahua, with 1830 meters. It features a looked at called Cumbres d ... more >>

This is the most impressive view from where you can admire the Urique Canyon, the deepest of the Sierra ... more >>

Located 8 km walk from the center of Cerocahui is the also called Cascada Huicochi, which means in Tara ... more >>

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