Located 30 minutes from downtown
Bahía de los Angeles, Baja California

About Rock Paintings of Montevideo

Located 22 km from Bahía de los Ángeles, along the dirt road that leads to the Mission of San Borja is this place to visit, on a rocky front of volcanic stones on one of the banks of the Montevideo stream; considered as one of the most important paintings of the peninsula. Abstract figures of representations of animals, mostly, with geometric designs such as straight lines, triangles, striped rectangles, concentric circles and suns, among others.

How to Get?

10 km (6 miles) from the Punta Prieta - Bay of Angels highway, take the dirt road in the direction of the San Francisco Mission, continue for 3 km (2 miles) and from there take the deviation to the left to continue for 8 km (5 miles). Until arriving at the cave of the Paintings.