José Cuervo No. 73
Tequila, Jalisco
in the corner of Ramon Corona street
21 usd
3 usd
Children 6 to 12 years
Open: Open daily 11 to 17 hrs.

About La Rojeña Distillery ( Mundo Cuervo )

In the cradle of tequila is this distillery that was the first of America and now you can visit during your visit. You will know the process of making the tequila, its impressive gardens, the beautiful hacienda and, of course, you can taste a margarita made with tequila José Cuervo. Do not forget that you can buy the products of the place; Do not forget to ask about their events and tours.


Classical Experience: $12 usd (duration 1 hour)
Experience Jose Cuervo: $19.5 usd (duration 1½ hours)
Jose Cuervo Vip Experience: $28 usd (duration 2 hours)
Jose Cuervo Vip experience with Fields: $42 usd (duration 3 hours)