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Angangueo, Michoacán
The shrine Monarch Butterfly is located 12 km (7.5 miles) north of Angangueo
approximate cost
5 usd
3 usd
Schedule: Open daily, from 9 to 17 hrs

About Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

Status symbol, these butterflies make a long journey from Canada and the United States before mating and resting in the forests of Michoacan. His shrine is near Angangueo; It is truly a sight to see those trees laden with these orange and black flying. The season to visit is from November to mid-March. Of course the natural landscape is beautiful giving you another reason to visit this sanctuary.

How to Get?

It can be accessed by Ocampo to visit the Sanctuary El Rosario or also by Angangueo to visit the Sanctuary Sierra Chincua, the latter can only access small vehicles, not Autobuses.


Horse Rentals:
$ 100 mxn (cost to go up to the sanctuary)

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Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

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