Mariano Escoto s/n
Cuautla, Morelos
next to the San Diego Exconvento
General Admission
Children under 12 years old, Free Admission
Open: Museum: Open through Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. Closes Monday

About Old Railway Station

On June 18, 1881, the station was inaugurated with its first public trip between Mexico City and Morelos. The steam engine 279 that it exhibits continues to work even if it is only started every second Saturday of the month. The place was also the seat of important Zapatista activity. When you visit, ask permission to board a car and experience what it was like to travel by train at the beginning of the 20th century. Do not forget to visit the Museo Vivencia Ferrocarril 279 museum, where an interesting photographic collection of objects from the station, the machine maintenance workshop, as well as the rescue and reproduction of objects typical of the station are displayed.