Located 1 km (1 mile) from the Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco
Xochicalco, Morelos
near of Cuentepec
Access to the park: Free Entrance
Open daily, from 9 am to 6 pm

About Eco Park - Archaeological

Located near the archaeological site of Xochicalco, you can visit this park that is ideal for outdoor activities. It is mostly renowned for having an enormous zip line circuit basically consists of 22 shots in full walking 13,000 meters.
Depending on the level of adventure you want, you can go the longest and reach 40 kilometers per hour speed or stay in the smallest.


23 Zip: $ 59 USD
16 Zip: $ 41 USD
5 Zip: $ 15 USD
3 Zip: $ 9 USD

Waterfall with 3 zip: $ 12 USD (minimum 4 people)