Puerto Vallarta

Complete guide of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

A friendly destination in the largest bay in Mexico, with irresistible tourist places such as beautiful beaches, ideal for water sports, and a picturesque Historic Downtown adorned with cobblestones. Its famous Boardwalk has become the most emblematic space in the city and that concentrates in its walkways: galleries, jewelry stores and imposing sculptures. In addition, in the Marina you will find several activities to have an unforgettable day.

It is also considered a gourmet destination thanks to the quantity, but above all, the quality of its restaurants, which have renowned chefs leading their kitchens and creating creatively delicious dishes; therefore, the Festival Gourmet Internacional is one of the most anticipated events for tourists.

Puerto Vallarta gives its visitors impressive sunsets surrounded by parties and pleasure where you will find a wide variety of Hotels that fit all tastes, styles and budgets.
Malecon of Puerto Vallarta
Malecon of Puerto Vallarta   |   Puerto Vallarta

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

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