Charming Magical Town full of color and tradition where, in addition to the famous lake, you can admire its wonderful tourist places such as: the House of the Eleven Courtyards to learn about Purépecha crafts, the Museum of Popular Arts and Industries that has valuable collections of objects made by indigenous hands, the Huitziméngari Palace to see how handcrafted objects are made. In the Vasco de Quiroga Square to the rhythm of the violin you will see the Danza de los Viejitos. In Pátzcuaro, the Day of the Dead festivities have a special charm, since all its inhabitants take great care to prepare the Festival to receive their deceased.

Due to its proximity, you can visit the famous Janitzio Island, where on November 1 people light candles to remember their dead, lighting up the entire island, and Quiroga, where you will taste the best carnitas in Michoacán.

Enjoy the gastronomy in its restaurants and eat a delicious white fish from Pátzcuaro. Visit the Nevería La Pacanda to savor a delicious pasta ice cream with more than 40 flavors to choose from. And remember to go to the Chocolate Joaquinita store and buy some delicious chocolate bars.

Its hotels have all the comforts for you to enjoy your stay, although they also have that charm of a Magical Town with their tile roofs.

Lake Pátzcuaro
Lake Pátzcuaro   |   Pátzcuaro

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