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San Felipe city famous for its low tides and warm waters, a sun and beach destination called the Aquarium of the World for being the door to the Sea of Cortez. Its gastronomy stands out for the freshness of its seafood, the restaurants near the boardwalk are the best, you can try some delicious fish, shrimp, clam or roasted octopus tacos. It has beautiful tourist places such as the Valley of the Giants desert paradise with around 1,200 giant cacti, the Percebu Lagoon tourist attraction where you can swim, kayak or jet ski, South Beach where in addition to swimming, diving and fishing you can camp and Puertecitos famous for its sulphurous water pools ideal for plunging and relaxing in its almost boiling waters. If you are looking for a hotel to book here, you can find the best hotels at very low prices in San Felipe. Enjoy its tourist events such as the Score San Felipe, one of the most popular series to compete with participants from all over the world and the Shrimp Festival, an event where chefs present the best shrimp food.

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