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As a result of the mining boom during the colonial period, this Magical Town was founded as part of the Camino de la Plata (CDMX - Guanajuato - Zacatecas) and thanks to the impressive architecture of its buildings and Historic Center, Lagos de Moreno is considered Heritage World. Religious buildings, such as the Rinconada of the Capuchin and the Parish of Asuncion, a jewel of the Mexican baroque, horseback riding through the old haciendas or charrería shows are some of the tourist places that you can enjoy during your visit; Remember to go to the Temple of Calvario, where you will have a beautiful panoramic view from the top of the city. And if you are looking for a delight for the palate, in its restaurants you will find tarted birria, rice mole or some popolas fresh from the comal (minced meat seasoned with ancho chili). Laguenses, proud of their history and tradition, have a great Hotel Offer to receive their guests and make them feel at home.
Parish of Asunción
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