Where to go at Zamora

The Tourist Guide of Zamora

Visit Zamora city located in the state of Michoacan and fall in love with its tourist attractions such as the Guadalupano Sanctuary, its towers are considered the highest in Mexico and the Morelos Market where you can enjoy some rich Chongos Zamoranos as well as the closest tourist places like Ixtlan de Los Hervores where you must visit the Geyser Recreational Park and enjoy its hot springs, Tarecuato where you can admire its Franciscan monastery, visit the 18 Purepecha Plateau visit its 18 sixteenth century chapels and on Lake Camecuaro take a boat tour and enjoy a wonderful natural landscape. Eat rich in one of the best restaurants in Zamora and enjoy some of its typical dishes such as zamorana rice, zamorano stew or zamorano cheese. Book here your Hotel in Zamora with the best promotions.

The Guadalupe Sanctuary
The Guadalupe Sanctuary   |   Zamora

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