Tequesquitengo is found in the state of Morelos,
if your ideal weekend is to be outdoors, this is the ideal place for you since you will find beautiful landscapes and warm weather all year round, remember that it is the state of the “Eternal Spring”.
Do some activity on Lake of Tequesquitengo, take a trip to Cuernavaca, refresh yourself in a water park on Oaxtepec or walk through the Magical Town of Tepoztlán you will surely love it.
We recommend you try the famous Yecaplixtla beef jerky or pumpkin flower cakes in one of its restaurants.
And for the night, don't worry, Morelos offers you a great offer of Hotels, surely some will fit your taste and budget.
Lake of Tequesquitengo
Lake of Tequesquitengo   |   Tequesquitengo

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