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Bacalar "Laguna de los 7 Colores" keeps natural secrets and attractions with a unique beauty, such as the Cenote Azul, where you can swim, snorkel, dive or take quiet kayak rides, but we must also highlight the famous Route of the Pirates or the Fort of San Felipe. On the shore of the lagoon you will find natural spas where you can relax on your hammocks or swings and watch beautiful sunsets. This charming Magic Town offers Hotels and restaurants that will make your vacation a natural experience.
Laguna de los siete colores
Laguna de los siete colores   |   Bacalar

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Scuba Diving in Bacalar

Explore the world from the depths is a unique experience where you can meet multiple species of marine flora and fauna.

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Tours are the most tourist places in Mexico. Check the list of experts who will take you to see the wonders of our country.

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Expeditions in Bacalar

Explore and interact with nature, get to know and spread the conservation of natural and cultural resources of Mexico.

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