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This Magical Town is the oldest city in Tamaulipas and the place of origin of the "Cuera Tamaulipeca", the traditional jacket typical of the region; It was also one of the most important from the mid-18th century to the mid-19th century. Walking through its streets you will find more than 400 buildings considered as historical, inheriting the splendor that it had during the Colonial era and the Porfiriato, highlighting the Plaza de Armas and the San Antonio de Padua Church. The Cactunieves, delicious snows with exotic flavors, is a tradition that you will not be able to resist, as well as going to Don Antonio Reyna Workshop to check how you look with a “cuera” and return with one to your house. And for lunch, nothing like some tulte enchiladas prepared with red tortillas! Tula Hotels are very accessible so you will find one that fits your budget.
San Antonio Padua Church
San Antonio Padua Church   |   Tula

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