Prolongación Bosques de Reforma No. 1813
Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
in the Plaza Pabellon Bosques (Mall)
37 usd
average consumption
(food and soda)
Open: Open Sunday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday, from 1 pm to 11 pm

About Atalaya Restaurant

The talented and creative chef Atzín Santos arrived recently to revamp this venerable Spanish institution beloved by locals. He helms a kitchen, which like the galley of the Queen Mary, aims to please both culinarily conservative old-timers and a younger clientele who prefer novelty to the tried and true.Iconic dishes such as huevos rotos and arroz negro are done according to tradition – even tacos de lengua are on offer. But a new 6 course menu de degustación features such inspired Modern Mexican concoctions as rabbit encacahuatado, venison in a light Oaxacan yellow mole, a black, smoky, shrimp aguachile, or turkey with a sauce of chicatanas, those currently fashionable and seasonal flying ants.