El Pica 1, Texcoco
El Pica 1, Texcoco
El Pica 1, Texcoco
El Pica 1, Texcoco
Av. Tepetitla No. 111
Texcoco, Estado de México
Located in the town of La Purificación, 20 minutes from the Downtown
11 usd
average consumption
(food and soda)
Open: Friday 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm

About El Pica 1 Restaurant

You will find the best Texcoco barbecue in Pica 1, with more than 50 years of exquisite tradition, this restaurant offers a great and delicious variety of freshly made Mexican dishes and snacks with that homemade flavor that everyone loves. Here you can enjoy a delicious barbecue prepared on firewood, accompanied by blue tortillas from the region, carnitas, tlacoyitos, quesadillas, chicharrón and molcajeteadas sauces, a wide variety of stews and of course, you cannot miss a delicious dessert to close with a brooch I pray an exquisite meal. The tradition of the PICA I is to sell your food in the style of the old markets, where you can buy what you like in different stalls.