Updated on: Nov 2021
Located 18 km (11 miles) southwest of the City
Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila
2 usd
General Admission
Open: Open daily, from 10 am to 5 pm

About Gypsum Dunes

Another amazing landscape of Cuatro Ciénegas, these dunes that cover 800 hectares are formed by white sand. Once covered with sea, when it disappeared, the sea floor emerged, which is what is now appreciated. With the wind constantly blowing changes the landscape and the great concentration of plaster is conducive for adapting different species of flora and fauna. An ideal place for artistic photography, especially at sunrise.

More Information

We recommend the help of a guide to visit the place, you can get the guide directly at the Tourism Promotion in Cuatro Ciénegas.

Promotora de Turismo Address:
Zaragoza No. 206, in the Center.

Cost of Guide in public transport:
$ 2 usd (per person).
Cost of Guide in a private vehicle:
$ 28 usd (per vehicle)

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