Outputs in the Main Plaza of Apan
Apan, Hidalgo

About Pulque Plains

Through this corridor by 12 pulque haciendas you know the history and process of making this prehispanic beverage; plus a delicious cured. Existing pulque haciendas only Chimalpa haciendas, San Antonio Tochatlaco and Ocotepec offer tours on prior reservation. In Chimalpa which is located 10 minutes from Apan transport is taken to go to the other farm pulque, the Ex Hacienda de San Antonio Tochatlaco, Hacienda Ocotepec is only 5 min of Apan.


The cost of transport to go Chimalpa the Ex Hacienda de San Antonio Tochatlaco is $ 1.5 usd

Cost of the Tour:
$ 7.5 usd per person (minimum 16 people to make the trip, under previous reservation)
Cost of the Group up to 16 people:
$ 125 usd

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