Updated on: Oct 2023
Carr. Federal a Mineral del Chico km 8.5 ( 5 miles )
Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo
approximate cost
$23 mxn Students, Researchers and Seniors
Schedule: All week 24 hours

About El Chico National Park

El Chico National Park is located in the bowels of Hidalgo, a state steeped in history and cultural richness; an ecological refuge characterized by respect for nature and mountain activities.

Since its designation as a natural park in 1898 by General Porfirio Díaz, what is now El Chico National Park has stood out as one of the oldest and most significant natural spaces in the country. With an extension of 2,739 hectares, this park is home to dense forests of pine, oak and oyamel, which are home to local fauna such as the gray fox and the cacomixtle.

The setting of El Chico National Park is located in the geographical and cultural region of Hidalgo, known as the Mining Region, characterized by a mountainous relief that gives rise to an abundance of rock and mineral formations.

Located within the Sierra de Pachuca; “ El Chico ” is a unique national park since it has numerous activities in nature such as camping, rock climbing, sport fishing, mountain biking, hiking and the observation of local flora and fauna.

The main attraction of this protected area lies in its incomparable natural beauty and the rocky elevations that represent a challenge for both the most experienced and for those who venture for the first time.

We invite you to discover the beauty of the park by visiting Mineral del Chico, a true sanctuary that harmonizes the tranquility of the forests with the history and unique culture of the region accompanied by delicious typical hidalgo food and incredible views.

Do not forget to visit iconic tourist places such as La Botella, Las Monjas, El Contadero, Peña del Cuervo and much more.

🍃 Delve into the depths of El Chico National Park while maintaining respect for nature and taking care of our forests. Ready to start your adventure?

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By the park there are 3 sections, parking costs an average of $ 1 USD and $ 1.5 USD

Camps inside El Chico National Park:

Camp 2 Aguas
Cabin Rentals $ 23 USD
Bike trail access $ 2 USD

Camp Cedros
Cabin Rentals $ 23 USD
Picnic area for $ 6 USD

Rabbits Camp
Cabin Rentals $ 23 USD
Bike trail access $ 3 USD per person

AlpinoRenta lodge cabins
Lodging $ 7 USD per person