Carr. Federal 105 km 38
Ejido Santa María Regla
San Miguel Regla ( Huasca de Ocampo ), Hidalgo
5 minutes from Hacienda Santa Maria Regla
5 usd
General Admission
Children under 6 years, Free Entrance
Open: Open daily, from 9 am to 6 pm

About Basaltic Prisms

A true masterpiece of nature that the same Alexander von Humboldt in 1803 Pencils (drawing now hangs in London), these prisms by cooling lava during a spill originated millions of years ago.
Surrounded by forests, the place is ideal for camping, hiking, horseback riding, and many more outdoor activities.

Activity Costs

ATVs (half hour): $ 8 usd

ATVs (one hour): $ 16 usd

Camp (does not include country house), includes showers and toilets: $ 5 usd (per person)

Boat trips for 1 to 5 people: $ 8 usd

Transfers by boat to San Miguel Rule for 1 to 5 people: $ 4 usd

Horse rental (one hour): $ 2 usd

Zip line: $ 2 usd