Carr. Toluca - Tenango - Ocuilan - Morelos s/n
Cuernavaca, Morelos

About Zempoala Lagoons National Park

Zempoala, means place of many waters, consists of seven lagoons, currently there are only 3 and others are dry. Its high altitude determines that the climate is mild during the day and cold at night. The forest surrounding houses pines, firs and oaks. You can practice activities such as climbing, camping, horseback expeditions, ecological path; some water sports are permitted in lagoons as rowing boat rides and sailing (bringing your own boat). Fishing is prohibited.

How to get?

By bus: in the Central South of Taxqueña you must take a Pullman from Morelos to Cuernavaca and get off at Tres Marías. From there you can take another bus that takes you to Huitzilac and from there a taxi or bus to Toluca and get off at the lagoons. Also from Tres Marías you can take a taxi to the lagoons.

By car: take the free road that leads to Cuernavaca. Where Tres Marías is located, take the deviation to Huitzilac and 13 km further on you will find the Zempoala lagoons. There is parking without cost.