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Within of Ecoturistic Park Cascada de Tulimán
Zacatlán, Puebla
Located 16 km (10 miles) from Zacatlan
5 usd
3 usd
Cost of children up to 10 years old.
Open: Open daily, from 9 am to 6 pm

About Cascada de Tulimán (Waterfalls)

¿Do you like beautiful natural scenery and outdoor adventures? Then do not miss this waterfall tumbling 300 meters divided into three sections. You can also visit the smaller but no less beautiful, waterfall El Cajon pass through his suspension bridge over a river that divides the park, visit the hollow where fit up to 15 people at one time or swim in the springs tree.
All it surrounded by great natural beauty.

Park Services

Tree climbing: $ 1.5 usd per person

Archery: $ 1.5 usd per person

Adventure Bridge: $ 2.5 usd per person

Water well (30 Degrees): $ 1.5 usd per person

Zip line circuit: $ 7.5 usd per person

Camp: $ 2.5 usd per person