Jalpan de Serra, Querétaro
Located 1 km south Jalpan Center, on the way to the camposanto

About Jalpan Dam

Powered by the Jalpan River around this dam you will enjoy a spectacular landscape where you can take great pictures while das long walks. With bass, tilapia, carp and mirrors it is also an ideal place for fishing.
You can also take boat rides or go cycling around. With the beauty of this place, whatever your activity, you can not get wrong.

Tour Operators that take you to enjoy this experience:

Sierra Gorda Ecotours

We are the main ecological tourism operator in the Sierra Gorda. Our tours and cabins directly support local communities and the Sierra Gorda Alliance for conservation. So, with your visit, you help to safeguard this natural sanctuary while enjoying the best of the Sierra Gorda. Av. La Presa s/n, Barrio El Panteón, Jalpan de Serra, Sierra Gorda, Querétaro +52-441-296-1212