Located 15 minutes from Jalpan
Jalpan de Serra, Querétaro
At km 190 of the highway Jalpan - Landa de Matamoros, take the deviation to Tancama.
2 usd
General Admission
Open: Open daily, from 9 am to 4 pm

About Archaeological Zone Tancama

Amid the Sierra Gorda is the archaeological site whose buildings are concentrated around three places: The Looked, Santiago and promise. When you visit you will find 62 buildings of different sizes and shapes, as investigated, they were built by the Huasteca culture.
In addition you will enjoy the landscape itself is a show, so add this site to your itinerary to your passage through the Sierra Gorda.

Tour Operators that take you to enjoy this experience:

Sierra Gorda Ecotours

We are the main ecological tourism operator in the Sierra Gorda. Our tours and cabins directly support local communities and the Sierra Gorda Alliance for conservation. So, with your visit, you help to safeguard this natural sanctuary while enjoying the best of the Sierra Gorda. Av. La Presa s/n, Barrio El Panteón, Jalpan de Serra, Sierra Gorda, Querétaro +52-441-296-1212