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Aquismón, San Luis Potosí

About Tamul Waterfall

One of the most spectacular waterfalls for its beauty in the country and the state's largest, this fall is 105 meters reaches 300 meters wide depending on the amount of rain that falls. Beside you can practice all kinds of ecotourism activities: mountain biking, rappelling, hiking and more.
Considers that have two choices to admire: boat from below, or through the town of El Sauz from above.


The waterfall can be visited from 2 points:

In Tanchachín is the jetty from which boats depart for the Tamil waterfall from below.

In La Morena, where there is another pier, unions ask boaters.

The Panga in the Tamil waterfall has a cost of $ 600 mnx (for 8 and 10 people)

Tour Operators that take you to enjoy this experience:


Blvd. México - Laredo No. 209, frente al Hotel Misión, Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí +52-481-382-1371

MS Xpediciones

Escontria No. 15 - B, interior del Hotel Misión, Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí +52-481-381-1888