It's Located 20 minutes from Caborca Downtown
Caborca, Sonora
8 usd
General Admission

About Petrograbados La Providencia

Where is the largest concentration of petroglyphs or petroglyphs in America. This rock art is embodied in many hills in the area of what was once the Copper Mine The Providencia. Characterized by having many figures of animals, mostly pronghorn and bighorn sheep (typical in the region). This rock art looks is scattered in other places close to Caborca: The Mójoqui, Whitelist, paddock Balderrama, Rancho La Cueva, Sierra del Alamo, Cerro El Nazareno, Antimony, Sierra Garbage, Sierra Chamois, Saint Felicitas and many other less known.

¿How to Get?

To visit the petroglyphs have to reach the ejido Rancho Puerto Blanco is 15 km from Caborca. The hills are within this ejido whose owners are responsible for protecting and conserving.