San Rafael, Veracruz
Located 8 km (6 miles) southwest of San Rafael.

About El Pital Archaeological Zone

On one side of the Gulf of Mexico, a little more than 22 km away from Martínez de la Torre, this archaeological zone was found, consisting of approximately 150 pyramids that are practically covered by the vast vegetation of the place and are the testimony of the important flourishing of an important pre-Hispanic culture.

The place is of incomparable beauty and is considered the missing link of the Totonac culture. Also in the Pital is what was the first hospital for indigenous people in Mexico, which was built to receive the indigenous people who had been infected with the diseases brought by the Spanish conquerors.

Although it has not been taken under the protection of the INAH, when you visit it you will be amazed at everything you will find, so we recommend you add it to your itinerary without a doubt.

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