Updated on: Dic 2023
Gutiérrez Zamora No. 20 esq. Landero y Coss
Veracruz, Veracruz
located opposite the Arts and Crafts Market, a block from the Zocalo
approximate cost
Snow in a glass: $1.5 usd
Schedule: Daily, from 8 am to 11:45 pm

About Güero Güero Ice Cream Shop

What started as a small business has grown to include several branches in Veracruz and even in Baja California Sur. Its name comes from the invitation to try snow rich fruit to passersby in front of the premises, because thanks to 'wipe güero güero!' Was that he won his current title and fame. So when you visit the port, be sure to try some of their tradition. In addition to the heat that makes you refreshed.