Paseo Montejo and Calle 47, seven blocks south of the Cathedral.
Mérida, Yucatán

About Paseo Montejo (Street)

Once the most outstanding residential area of ​​Merida, now Paseo Montejo is a commercial and tourist area that in recent years enjoys great influx. The impressive mansions inhabited by ancestral families during the 19th century are now restaurants, hotels, shops, museums, and other types of shops for your enjoyment. We recommend visiting this place to visit on weekends.

More Information

* On Sundays, Paseo Montejo avenue is closed to vehicular traffic from 8 in the morning until noon, so you can travel by bicycle or visit the art market that is installed there.

* On Saturdays the Paseo Montejo Auction is the venue of the "Noche Mexicana", with regional music and dance, handicrafts and food fair (from 8 p.m. until midnight).