Las Coloradas
Tizimín, Yucatán
On the northern coast of the Yucatan peninsula.

About Las Coloradas

This small fishing town in the north of Yucatan has the peculiarity of staining the sea water an intense pink, in addition to having one of the most important salt mines in the country.

You will also find mangroves and flora characteristic of the coastal dunes. Pelicans and seagulls are part of the fauna of the place and if you travel between the months of November to March you will also be able to observe the flamingos that arrive at the place.

Although in this dream place the attraction is "the Pink Lake" you cannot swim in its waters due to the high amount of salt it contains and the crystalline formations that are on the shores and that can cause damage to the skin.

When you visit it, you should go prepared with a hat, suitable clothing, sunscreen and especially water and something to eat, since the town does not have restaurants where to eat.

More Information

If you are in Mérida, Cancun or Valladolid, you must take a bus or rent a car and get to Timizín, and from there, take a taxi or public transport to Las Coloradas.