"La Perla del Guadiana" is the capital of Durango and one of the most beautiful cities in northern Mexico thanks to its numerous colonial treasures, many of them converted into tourist places, and its spectacular natural landscapes.

When walking along the Constitution Stroll, in the Historic Downtown , you will see architectural jewels that we recommend you visit, such as the Cathedral and the Francisco Villa Museum. The Tourist Tram is a good option to tour the city and admire its buildings.

Its natural attractions give you great views and are places where you can practice ecotourism activities such as Mexiquillo, coniferous forest and rock formations ideal for picnics, cycling and horseback riding; In El Tecuán, in addition to hiking, you can fish and camp.

Durango is the land of cinema, because here is Paseo del Viejo Oeste, which is one of the most important movie sets in Mexico, where around 150 films of the Old West were filmed and is one of its most popular attractions and visited by visitors. tourists.

Plan your trip to Durango, here you will find the ideal Hotel for you, that fits your taste and budget. And remember to visit its restaurants where you will find the typical dishes of the region.
Cathedral Basilica Minor Immaculate Conception
Cathedral Basilica Minor Immaculate Conception   |   Durango

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