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Valladolid Magical Town where you can escape and visit different tourist places such as its Main Square with its beautiful fountain “la mestiza”, the Church of San Servacio where you can observe the cannons used during the Caste War, to refresh yourself a little visit the Cenote Zací or the Cenote X'keken where you can swim in its crystalline waters, if you like art visit Casa de los Venados where a private collection with more than 3,000 pieces is exhibited, the Archaeological Zone Ek Balam where you will find more than 40 buildings in one area walled. Remember to book the hotel of your preference with the best prices and also enjoy its gastronomy trying some of its typical dishes such as cochinita pibil, panuchos, papadzules and lime soup in the best restaurants in Valladolid.

Church of San Servacio
Church of San Servacio   |   Valladolid

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