San Jerónimo No. 24 entre Bolivar e Isabel la Católica
Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
24 usd
average consumption
(food and soda)
Open: Open through Tuesday to Friday, from 1 pm to 5 pm and Saturday, from 1 pm to 6 pm. Closed on Monday and Sunday

About Zéfiro Restaurant

Restaurant - school attended by students of the degree in Gastronomy at the University of the Cloister, they themselves operate, manage, plan to select products and suppliers, cook, serve the customer and to take care of the promotion and dissemination of the restaurant. Offering diners an innovative selection of contemporary Mexican dishes served in a 3 and 4 times, made with ingredients typical of Mexican cuisine culinary techniques, as well as unique creations homemade, from the bread and tortillas that accompany the meal until the chocolate (chocolate filling) served at the end.