Calle La Corregidora s/n
Morelia, Michoacán
in Plaza de San Agustín ( Main Square), back to the Cathedral
7 usd
average consumption
(food and soda)

About Mercado de Antojitos de San Agustín

Miguel Hidalgo Market, popularly known as Antojitos Market St. Augustine is one of the most representative of Morelia. placeras and morelianas enchiladas, pozole, tacos, corundas, donuts, gruel of flavors, soups, gorditas and: Around the Plaza, in the perimeter arches, several stalls where you can taste a variety of Mexican and regional snacks are located other delicious dishes. The most requested position is Las Gueras located in the local 2. In 2014 the site facilities were renovated and is now considered a gastronomic center quality.